There are different sized skip bins like two metres skip bins for smaller jobs up to twelve-metre skip bins for the larger jobs. This metre is the cubic metre and a cubic metre is about a standard trailer load usually for a household collection.

It’s between four and six metres but it entirely depends on how much rubbish will be put into the skip bin.

The larger bins out there have walk-in access for easy access for a wheelbarrow.

Types of waste you can get into the skip bins

Skip bin hire Melbourne provides you great flexibility; you can get the heavy mixed industrial waste into the skip bins. You can also get soil or construction waste through to concrete tiles and timber and bricks and plenty of green waste or even household rubbish into the skip bins.

What skip bin hire Melbourne expects from you?

  1. Do not overload the skip bins: please do not fill the skip bins above the line, firstly for health and safety reasons because it creates a possibility that the rubbish may tip out in the truck and it also makes lifting of skip bins very difficult.
  1. Honesty: it is important to be honest with the skip bin hire Melbourne, about what kind of rubbish is in the skip bin and what size of skip bin that you need because only then you will be able to get the best service.

Where should the skip bins be placed?

 You have to make sure that you have got a three-metre wide driveway on the firm ground where the skip bins get placed behind the truck so if you are placing it out on the street or on a nature strip make sure there is room for the truck to be reversed and get the skip bins loaded on.

Skip bin hire Melbourne can organise the permits for you, if you need to place the skip bins on the street or in a nature strip you need a council permit and, skip bin hire Melbourne will help you with all of that.

Where does the rubbish go?

So when the skip bin hire Melbourne receives the skip bins full of rubbish the first thing done by the skip bin hire Melbourne is to sort the rubbish and divert it as much as they can from the landfill.

So the skip bin hire Melbourne sorts the rubbish into the various streams of rubbish that can be recycled. Things like concrete, bricks, soil, timber and all other things that can be recycled skip bin hire Melbourne to minimise them out of the landfill and the majority of the stuff that you put in the skip bins is recycled where ever possible skip bin hire Melbourne to recycle it.

Skip bin hire Melbourne are known for their affordable and stress-free services, so it does not matter that whether you are renovating your place or giving a new look to it you can always count on skip bin hire Melbourne.