Skip Bin placed outside of your property requires a council permit.

Principles of Council Permits for Skip Bins.

According to the official website of the government, you need to take prior permissions before placing a bulk rubbish container on the road. The following are the rules to be checked, before placing a rubbish container on the road:

  • Some council allows placement of skips on the road as well as nature strips, whereas others permit on-road only.
  • Some councils follow metered and non-metered parking rates, whereas others charge a flat price.
  • Some councils permit on the same day, whereas others might take more days for the same.
  • Some councils offer daily rates for the placements, whereas others have availability for a fixed number of days.
  • Council charges may vary depending upon the region.

Kindly note that the rules of various councils might differ in many ways. It is advisable to check the official website of your area before planning for the same.

We, at Local Skip Bins Hire Melbourne, understand all the council’s laws and have updated information regarding the same. We give the best advice to our customers and as we know the revised rates, we make sure that you don’t need to pay any penalties for installing skip bins on the road. We also apply and obtain council permits on behalf of our customers.

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